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Broad Form - Provides Liability coverage to all private passenger vehicles while YOU are driving. Covers you in vehicles you own and those owned by someone else with permission.  UIM and PIP available but NOT Comprehensive or Collision.  Standard exclusions: vehicles used for hire, business or commercial occupation, racing, demolition, stunting, recreational vehicles.
Liability - Pays for bodily injury to another person and for property damage to another’s property caused by the negligent (at-fault) operation of your automobile. 
 Bodily Injury is a form of coverage that protects you if you injure someone else. 
Property Damage is a form of coverage that protects you if you damage someone else’s property.
Underinsured Motorist (UIM) - Pays for your bodily injury and property damage in the event of a hit-and-run or an accident involving an at– fault driver who is not insured or doesn’t have enough insurance.  
Personal Injury Protection (PIP) - Pays for reasonable and necessary medical expenses for injuries to the driver and any passenger in the vehicle regardless of who is at fault in the accident.  In addition, there may be coverage available for lost wages, lost services and funeral expenses.  Also covers you and your family members as pedestrians or passengers in other vehicles.
Collision - Pays for damage to your own automobile.  It provides coverage when your automobile collides with another automobile or object, or if your automobile overturns (regardless of fault). 
Comprehensive - Pays for damage to your automobile from causes such as  fire, theft,  vandalism, hail and falling objects. 

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